Why You Should Meditate Often?

Meditate OftenOftentimes, before endeavoring to talk to others about God and his qualities and deeds, we have to talk to ourselves, or soliloquize, to impress things first upon our minds for the guidance of our tongues.

Such meditation and self-preparation is good and serves a fine purpose. This is true of our King Jesus Christ, the Greater David: “Of the glorious splendor of thy majesty, and of thy wondrous works, I will meditate,” or, “soliloquize.”

When we set our minds to meditating about Jehovah God as Sovereign, our eyes begin to open to discern the glorious splendor of his majesty. To meditate on such, we must do some private, personal study. We need to do so for our own information and for deepening our own impression and self-conviction, so as to be able to talk to others properly.

During Jesus’ forty-day fast and isolation in the wilderness after his baptism he meditated and endeavored to take in the full meaning of the things that the opened heavens had bared to his view. It fortified him against the Tempter and his assaults. After that he talked publicly, and he got others to talking.

Emphasis is here put on speaking about God and what he has done and now does. The idea is to get men of the spiritual generation to talking, speaking about Jehovah, building up one another on our most holy faith in God, also informing and instructing the rising generation, a never-dying generation.

This very information and instruction operates toward their never dying.

So the main theme of our conversation should be the great Life-giver and Wonder-worker. The works he does are wondrous, not to mystify his friends, but to deliver, save and bless them. It is the business of the spiritual generation to help the earthly generation to recognize God’s works and to understand them.

16 On earth Jesus Christ did not hold back from declaring his heavenly Father’s greatness. The remnant of his joint heirs will not do so, either. Hence the king-psalmist said: “And I will declare thy greatness.”

The first thing for a king is not to blow himself up in the estimation of his subjects, but to magnify the God whom the king worships. The King, the Greater David, sits as a subordinate King on the throne of Jehovah.

He has to impress upon his subjects who their real Ruler is and how worthy Jehovah is to rule and to have their willing subjection. The subordinate King does not magnify himself against God, the way Satan did and the way Nebuchadnezzar did just before being struck mad. The godly King is like a shepherd to lead his subjects in right ways, in paths of righteousness. He would call for meetings to address his subjects.

He would not except himself from the meetings God appoints for his people but would attend and take part in them, contributing his part to the meeting. That is one place where he could declare Jehovah’s greatness. Jesus Christ our King promised that where even a small group, two or three, would meet together in his name, there he would be in the midst.

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