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Today problems abound. Parents, for example, are constantly faced with tough decisions. A child’s education, his health, his clothes, his progress in the Christian congregation and his choice of friends are but some of the areas of concern. How does one wade through a seeming myriad of possibilities and pick out the best course of action? Snap decisions are often regretted later.

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So the Bible says, “The heart of the righteous one meditates so as to answer.”

One must have facts to meditate on, and the publications of the Watchtower Society are a rich source of such. Considering the counsel of other experienced Christian parents and/or congregation elders can also help you put things in their proper perspective.

Meditation can help you through tests of your faith. For example, occasionally there are changes in our understanding of certain Bible passages or prophecies. “The path of the righteous ones is like the bright light that is getting lighter and lighter until the day is firmly established,.

Some, however, are disturbed by these refinements. But the “righteous ones” take the time to meditate and absorb these new Biblical truths, instead of hastily concluding that the ‘faithful slave’ has erred.

An Aid to Endurance

“The Devil will keep on throwing some of you into prison that you may be fully put to the test,” warned Jesus. To be suddenly put in a filthy jail with no Bible and no fellow Christians to turn to can indeed be traumatic.

Several years ago a group of young Witnesses in South Africa suffered many months of solitary confinement due to their stand on Christian neutrality. Fortunately, they were allowed to have a Bible, and one of them admitted: “Without the Bible I would have been ‘sunk’ as I had committed very little to memory.” Nevertheless, another who applied himself to reading the Bible—though failing to meditate on it—soon found himself getting weak spiritually.

He therefore began to ponder more on what he was reading. In time he found how exhilarating it can be to commence with prayer to Jehovah, then read Bible verses and muse: ‘How can I apply this, or avoid this danger? How does this help me to know Jehovah? What other scriptures relate to this?’ and so on. The result? Despite the misery of his situation, he says, “It was the most faith-strengthening experience of my life!”

All Day Long

Whether facing trials of faith or just the everyday wear and tear of life, the attitude of faithful servants of Jehovah should be like that of the psalmist: “How I do love your [God’s] law! All day long it is my concern.”

Circumstances may prohibit actually meditating “all day long.” Nevertheless, following God’s Word should be our constant concern.
Take a lesson from Jesus Christ, who sought out opportunities to pray and meditate.

If he felt such a need and made the time for it, should we not do so today?

You can learn more about how to properly mediate here.

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