Why You Shouldn’t Be a Couch Potato Anymore and Start Meditation Right Away

Silhouette of Woman on BeachProcrastinators assemble! It’s high time to get off the couch and on with your life.

Procrastination is like an anchor- it holds you back.

So beat procrastination with regular mindfulness exercises.

Meditation is known to cure a lot of common mental and physical ailments; however it can also boost the mind and body to levels you previously thought were unavailable.

Meditating involves silent contemplation at a quiet and peaceful spot and focusing on a particular reference point.

First of all start by choosing a convenient time to meditate, preferably in the morning. Our minds are fresh in the morning and the atmosphere is more pure than it is by day.

Then choose a quaint spot in your house or office where no one will disturb you.

Wear comfortable clothes if you are at home and keep away any distractions like your smart phones.

All you have to do is sit with your back straight, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Once you have calmed your mind try focusing on your breathing.

This simple yet efficient exercise helps to soothe your nerves and rejuvenate your mind.

The calmness that ensues over the mind after just 5-10 minutes of meditation will help you to focus better and as result take steady decisions.

Meditation also increases your attention span and memory capacity.  Regular meditation has shown signs of increase in grey matter concentration in the brain.

It provides emotional stability and is a great treatment for depression and anxiety both of which are very much responsible for your procrastination.

A nifty little trick to deal with procrastination better with the help of meditation involves a bit of imagination.

There are times when you have a project due.

Maybe even homework like an essay or a report can be a headache if not dealt with on time.

If you have to do something anyway it is best to do it as early as possible and get it over with.

So the next time you catch yourself procrastinating over any work sit down and take a moment to silently contemplate.

Sit with your back straight and eyes closed.

Imagine a scenario where you have finished what you were supposed to finish and you are now enjoying yourself or watching a movie.

Do you feel how relaxing it is to imagine having completed your project?

As you feel lighter and more determined, assure yourself that you can do the job and get started.

Keep away from your phone or social media and concentrate on the job at hand.

Try not to focus on something else until you have finished. After you finish you can treat yourself to a small reward.

Practice this meditation the every time you procrastinate and over time you will grow out of this bad habit and become much more active.

Apart from this meditating regularly at a fixed time for even five minutes can have great positive effects on your overall mental wellbeing.

Regular meditation keeps the mind energetic and free of the clutter that accumulates daily.

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