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The Depth Factor – My Honest Review



The Depth Factor is the best-selling meditation program in the market place right now. The Depth Factor consists of six high-quality meditation audios, The Depth Factor Manual, The Depth Factor Q & A, The Depth Factor Deep Breathing Guide and several bonuses.

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The Depth Factor is an outstanding meditation product that has helped thousands of people experience what I’d like to call “Chanana Meditation” which means – The Deepest State of Meditation.

That’s exactly what you will get when you get this awesome product.

The Depth Factor will bring a solution to the 3 most important reasons why people don’t meditate properly and they are:

  • Can’t Focus
  • Can’t Clear Mind
  • No Time

When I first purchased this product, I thought it was another over-hyped and over-rated products full of information that’s I already know. But when I listened and watch the videos and presentation, I began to understand why thousands of people love it and why it’s the best selling products.

I’m not saying all these because I want to make money off of you. No. I saying it because I want you to change your life forever. That’s why you are here right? to learn how to meditate in a proper way.

And that’s exactly what I’m doing by telling you what I myself have tried and tested and not because I want you purchase a product by all means.

The depth factor consists of six meditation audios engineered to take you to the Alpha State with the help of soft binaural beats, relaxing music and mind-sync technology.

In fact, it combines the science of binaural beats with the traditional meditation techniques of Zen masters and create something unique and revolutionary.

The Audio CDs at A Glance:

Below is a brief summary of the 6 audio CDs:

1) Audio Track #1 – Depth Within:

Depth Within Audio Track

This Track has 3 versions:

  1. The 8-minute version
  2. The 20-minute and
  3. The 60 minute version.

The purpose of Depth Within track id to take you to a state of mediation by channeling positive energy to your body while you relax.

2) Audio Tract #2 – Inner Blossom:

Blossom Small Audio Track

It also come in 3 versions like the Depth Within track.

This track will help you relax the power to create vibrant states of health and well-being on ever-deepening levels.

3) Audio Track #3 – Total Focus:

Total Focus Audio Track

It comes in 3 versions: 8, 20 and 60 minute versions.

It will help in a large extent to reach a higher level of consciousness through concentration thus making you forget about your problems which will in turn lead you to a peaceful meditation.

4) Audio Track #4 – Creative Mind:

Creative Mind Audio Track

Track 4 will help solve any problem and come up with amazing solutions that will surprise your family, friends and co-workers.

5) Audio Track #5 – Relax and Rest:

Relax And Rest Audio Track

Relax and Rest is the most interesting track. It will take you to the deepest meditation experience of your life. This is especially so when you feel tired after a long day at work. What you need is listen to this fantastic track.

6) Audio Track #6 – Zen State:

Picture Zen State Audio Track

Track 6 will connect you to your inner self as you experience a mind-body conncetion that builds awareness like you’ve never felt before.

By and large, the Depth Factor is the best meditation program in the marketplace right now. But don’t take my word for it, you go try it out now and experience the best meditation of your life.

Pros and Cons of Depth Factor

All products must their best and awful side. For The Depth Factor the following are its pros and cons:


  • 6 Powerful Audio CDs that will give you the best experience.
  • Under-promised but over-delivered when it comes to the bonuses.
  • 60-Day money back guarantee.
  • It has Triple Guarantee.
  • Affordable
  • Good customer care support.


  • Its sales page is awfully designed.
  • Some audio tracks does not have perfect volume. It sometimes goes up and down which isn’t okay. But I think they must have dealt with it.
  • Video CDs (Visual training) is not included and should be added in the future.
  • Future meditation audio CDs is something they should definitely think about.

My Honest Verdict

If you are struggling to meditate properly, The Depth Factor is definitely for you. This program has helped many including me to become a meditation expert and it’ll definitely help you too.

However, every product have their ups and downs and this product is definitely not an exception.

I have listed the cons of the Depth factor so that you could have it at the back of your mind before making a purchase.

By and large, it’s a great product to buy. Believe me.

So what’s my advice suggestion:

Go for it Now!

Visit Website Now!

Conclusion Rating
Good Meditation Music
5 stars

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