Meditation and Its Many Gifts to the Modern World: A Quick Overview

Meditation at tree forester mountainMeditation has been around for millennia in different parts of the world in different forms.

The basic purpose of meditation and what it seeks to achieve however have remained same over thousands of years- a general well being of the mental and physical faculties.

The advent of technology and scientific advancement in the field of medicines has led to the discovery of far more benefits than we already were aware of.

The earliest known mention of meditation is found in the Vedas where there is mention of traditional meditation practices in India.

Around 6th to 5th centuries BC meditation developed in China and Buddhist India, although the exact origin of Buddhist meditation is a debate among scholars.

While Hindu and Buddhist meditation techniques are well known and widely practiced Jewish and Christian meditation also developed around the middle ages.

The basic of meditation are quite simple.

All you have to do is pick a quiet, comfortable and well lit place where you can sit down and contemplate for a few minutes.

Wear comfortable clothes and keep away any form of distractions like your smart phone.

Close your eyes and as you breathe heavily concentrate on your breathing pattern.

You can also focus on the chores you have to do on that particular day and come up with a schedule.

There is no fixed time to meditate and you should choose a time to meditate according to your routine.

However, having said that the best time to meditate is in the morning when the mind is fresh and the atmosphere is much more pure.

Meditating before you start your day can have great positive impact on your whole day.

Apart from breathing meditation there are many other meditation techniques.

Just basic meditation like closing your eyes and focusing on positive thoughts regularly can greatly improve your overall health and mental disposition.

The benefits of meditation on our health are far reaching and you will not understand much of it right now.

Regular meditation helps to reduce risk of heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and many old age related diseases.

It improves your daily body functions and keeps your body healthy, active and ready to deal with any adversity.

Meditation also reduces pain from inflammations and helps you to deal with pain better than pain killers.

The effects of meditation on your brain and your mood are numerous.

Numerous studies have shown meditation to treat depression and anxiety related disorders much better than anti-depressant drugs which are notorious health hazards themselves.

Regular rumination alleviates pain and mood.

Researchers from various universities across the world have proven through studies that meditation can increase grey matter concentration which in turn improves memory, attention, patience, creativity and overall mental prowess.

Many world leaders and CEOs of multinational companies are taking to meditation for its multilateral effects and many companies are also introducing it to their employees to increase and improve overall productivity.

The reason meditation is being hailed as the miracle cure is its ability to address a lot of complications (both mental and physical) which ails us in the 21st century.

It only takes up a few minutes from our busy schedule and gives back so much.

Meditation is a simple practice which requires no instruments or additional training but benefits your overall health like no drug or medical supplements can.

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